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Midisoft Record Session Program

Midisoft Record Session is my favorite program to see midi files notes. There are some few alternatives but still this program is the best one.

After the installation if you are using windows 7 you will have to change program's compatibility to "Windows 95". Click to open and choose the midi file you wish to play. At first play the song and watch for some time and check if song's tempo is correct.

1. You will see green lights on notes which instrument is being played.
2. Tempo song can be played with double velocity
3. You can change the instrument to play
4. If you want to listen only one instrument you can choose "solo" or you can make "mute" that instrument while the program playing the song
5. If you double click to one of the notes, you can see which note it is or it's velocity or other things on screen

After you learned which notes are being played you can play it on your guitar or on your other instruments.

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How To Use Midis ?

Midi file can be used with some Midi programs. "Midisoft Record" is the one of the best about it. After you download the midi file, right click to file and click "Open With" and on the new screen choose "Midisoft Record". When you open the file you will see all guitars and drums and other instruments has seperated notes in different lines. When you click "Play" button program will play the track and when it is playing you can see notes are lighting green. And there are volume lines at the buttom of the screen. So when you are playing the midi you can increase or decrease one of the instrument. More than that you can choose "Solo" in the volum section of that instrument, so you can listen instrument you wish to. When you want to learn the details of notes you have to double click on note. Because genereally notes have been printed in Bass Clef (F note). But sometimes you can see Treble Clef (C note) is being used.

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1. Fuel
2. The Memory Remains
3. Devil's Dance
4. The Unforgiven II
5. Better Than You
6. Slither
7. Carpe Diem Baby
8. Bad Seed
9. Where The Wild Things Are
10. Prince Charming
11. Low Man's Lyric
12. Attitude
13. Fixxxer

Disc 1
1. Free Speech For The Dumb
2. It's Electric
3. Sabbra Cadabra
4. Turn The Page
5. Die, Die My Darling
6. Loverman
7. Mercyful Fate
8. Astronomy
9. Whiskey In The Jar
10. Tuesday's Gone
11. The More I See

Disc 2
1. Helpless
2. The Small Hours
3. The Wait
4. Crash Course In Brain Surgery
5. Last Caress / Green Hell
6. Am I Evil?
7. Blitzkrieg
8. Breadfan
9. The Prince
10. Stone Cold Crazy
11. So What
12. Killing Time
13. Overkill
14. Damage Case
15. Stone Dead Forever
16. Too Late Too Late

1. No Leaf Clover
2. Human

1. Frantic
2. St. Anger
3. Some Kind Of Monster
4. Dirty Window
5. Invisible Kid
6. My World
7. Shoot Me Again
8. Sweet Amber
9. The Unnamed Feeling
10. Purify
11. All Within My Hands

1. That Was Just Your Life
2. The End of the Line
3. Broken, Beat & Scarred
5. All Nightmare Long
6. Cyanide
7. The Unforgiven III
8. The Judas Kiss
9. Suicide & Redemption
10. My Apocalypse